Clinician teams use RoundingWell to engage patients, coordinate care, and gain population insights.

Patient Engagement automates outreach to post-acute and chronic patients with quick and easy online health check-ins.

Care Coordination takes the hassle out of team communication and helps clinician teams give the right care to the right patient at the right time.

Population Insights provides clinical leadership a bird’s eye view of population health trends and clinician performance.


RoundingWell helps your clinician teams deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time.


Identify at-risk patients to prevent adverse health events, like readmissions, that impact your bottom line.


Engage your patients via the Internet, a cost-effective platform preferred by patients of all ages.

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Amplify and extend the impact of your clinician teams.

Optimize clinician efficiency with intuitive case management and workflow capabilities.

Improve standards of care and reduce unwanted variability in clinical practice.


Gain unprecedented visibility into organizational performance.

Differentiate and reinforce your brand in competitive markets.


An interview with our Chief Medical Officer about using RoundingWell in his practice.


What others are saying

I bought one of those BP cuff things recently. I’m paying attention to my blood pressure everyday.
— Patient with poorly controlled CKD using RoundingWell
Every phone or in-person interaction I have with my patients who use RoundingWell is richer and more meaningful. There are no more ‘cold starts’ when I talk with them. This helps me make the most out of our limited time together.
— Medical Director, dialysis clinic
One patient who has been admitted to our hospital literally every 1 or 2 weeks over the past several years has responded to every RoundingWell check-in. And it’s been 45 days since we saw her last!
— Chief Nursing Officer, for-profit hospital
We need to set ourselves apart from the competition. I see no reason not to deploy RoundingWell to every patient who leaves our hospital.
— CEO, for-profit hospital

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